Wednesday, May 6, 2020



Good Morning,   


I am very intrigued by your Digital Marketing opportunity. I have designed and published hundreds of successful Facebook/ Instagram and YouTube campaigns over the years. I currently serve as the Marketing Director for a mortgage lender in Palm Desert and as a Digital Marketing strategist to numerous small business owners throughout the Coachella Valley.

My applicable responsibilities include planning marketing strategies; managing social media video ads; conducting keyword SEO analysis; reputation management; initiating and managing Google PPC campaigns; administering social media budgeting/ marketing; tracking ad performance through Facebook Ads Manager, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Wix website design and keeping abreast on the latest digital marketing trends.

I am confident I have the necessary skills and experience to exceed your expectations. I will increase brand awareness through visually engaging designs, targeted Google campaigns and strategic email marketing.


I look forward to the prospect of expanding BelleVue Oasis’ reach and contributing to its overall success! I appreciate your time and attention to my resume and letter.


Contact me at your earliest convenience at (760) 534-0154.


Edward Limon