Digital Marketing

Our Mission is to generate relevant leads and visibility for your business through SEO optimized Website Design, Targeted Google Ads and Facebook/ Instagram video campaigns.


We can help your business stand out and reach NEW audiences the moment they begin searching for your products or services. Ask us about targeted Google Ads, Instagram video campaigns and Facebook video campaigns.


Already have a website? We can redesign your existing website, create or update your business presence on Google Search and Google Maps, and help your business stand out against the competition.

Website Design

When designing a website, our intent is to produce results. We focus on creating a professional design which reflects the objectives of each client. We are not interested in utilizing all the bells and whistles. We simply focus on functionality.


Each design should capture the attention of the audience and instill a desire to learn more. Our websites are designed to flow with intuitive navigation and convey a clear message. 

With years of design experience and collaboration with hundreds of clients, we understand the needs and desires of our clients.


If you simply want a basic website and have your business registered on Google Search and Google Maps, ask us about the Google-powered websites. Prices start at $300 with no additional monthly fees or yearly renewals. 

Taqueria Guerrero
LM Rojas Dental Corpo
Castaneda's Mexican Food
Raya's Smog Check
Vanmar Lending
Barking Beauties
Silk Forest
Rancho Grande
Champion Auto Service - Cathedral Ci
Bridge Solutions
Quick Tax
Taco Jalisco

Mobile Audience

A majority of today’s internet audience is on the web with a mobile device. With that in mind, we design our websites to capture the attention of your audience with fast loading designs optimized for an audience on the go.

Our Google campaigns can also target this mobile audience by the type of device, hour of usage, location and more! 

Check to see if your website is Mobile-Friendly with this Google test.

Having a mobile friendly website improves your site's ranking on Google Search. If your site IS NOT mobile friendly, contact Limon Media today!

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