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If you're looking to get your business on the web, you've come to the right place. Limon Media has been putting businesses on the web for over 10 years! Not sure where to begin, let's first determine your needs. 

Is Your Business Registered on Google?

Getting registered gets your business on Google Search and Google Maps. If you simply want an internet presence, ask us about a Google website. Google websites have a small setup fee and NO YEARLY RENEWAL FEES. If your business is already registered on Google, skip to the next step 

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Do You Need a Website?

If you're looking for more than a Google website, Limon Media can create a personalized website designed for your business needs.


These websites have an initial design fee and a yearly renewal fee. Contact us below to determine your needs.

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Looking to Drive Traffic to your Website?

If you already have a business website and want more traffic, you can either wait for ORGANIC visits or we can direct traffic through a variety of PAID campaigns such as Google Ads, Facebook/ Instagram video Ads, Email marketing or Text campaigns. Contact us to learn more.

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